Discover the Vetting Criteria to Find the Right Medical Billing Service for Your Practice - III

This article is in continuation to the article written earlier under the same title and the introduction.

When Juan Pablo, MD, first opened his medical practice in the US, 7-years ago, his billing system was completely a mess. His practice did not at all follow up aggressively enough with his patients, who failed to pay the fees, as well as insurance company payments were continuously delayed by claims fraught with coding errors and misplaced numbers.

Fortunately, all of this took a U-turn when he decided to outsource his medical billing requirements to a well-established service provider. And since then, for Mr. Juan, there has been no looking back, as he is earning more money and the collections have increased by 30% and he is being paid faster. In this part of article, we would be continue to discuss the key vetting criteria that can greatly help to find the best billing service for any kind of health care facility or a medical practice.

  • Decide the Level of Control You Want - There are many practitioners, who only want to be doctors and want a professional to take care of patient accounts. And, then there are practitioners who cannot let go and for them, it is a nightmare to try to outsource their billing needs.

    Even in case, you are willingly relinquishing control, you will desire to retain input on matters such as collection procedures for overdue patient balances. Reputable billing companies, for instance, send letters to patients reminding them they have only 10-days to pay before their accounts are sent to a collection agency, but only after the doctor approves each letter.

    Besides, retaining access to patients account information is a control issue. In case, you send patient charges to a billing firm, you might not have vital information to ask patients to pay overdue payments when they revisit for a follow-up. A good billing company can offer bulls-eye solution. A good company provides the doctors with a list of their patients, whose accounts are sixty days overdue. Receptionists can check the list when the patients check-out.

  • Check the Quality of Resources Assigned to Your Account - The ideal criteria for selecting a billing company is evaluation of number of employees assigned to your account and their expertise. Before hiring a company, ask the following questions:
    1. How many staff members will support your account and what are their credentials?
    2. What is the total experience of the staff members?
    3. What is the staff experience exclusively in your medical practice specialty?

The right medical billing service can improve collections immensely and save a medical practice from the administrative headache of submitting claims. To find the right company, it is essential to carry out a comprehensive background check. Let the aforesaid vetting criteria cut through the hype and find a reliable billing partner.

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